Fostering cultural enrichment and wellness in its deepest holistic sense within the individual and the community

Why Apollo?
The young Apollo was trained in the arts and sciences of the nine muses to ignite his own creativity. He developed into the epitome of Beauty and the leader of the muses and the director of their choir.
Beauty has a resounding effect upon our environment. Creativity provides solutions we have yet to imagine.

There is a young Apollo in each of us.

       Board of Directors,
       Maria Calegari,
       Bart Cook
       Marika Molnar,
       Vice President
       Amy Gagnon,
       William Attride

Co-Founders, Maria Calegari and Bart Cook

Slide show photos* of Maria Calegari and Bart Cook during their highly acclaimed careers with New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center, New York

  1. Glass Pieces, Pas de Duex, Choreography by Jerome Robbins, Maria Calegari and Bart Cook
  2. Stravinsky Violin Concerto Choreography by George Balanchine, rehearsal for "Dance in America" PBS, George Balanchine and Bart Cook
  3. Swan Lake, by George Balanchine, Maria Calegari as Odette
  4. Lebeslieder Waltzer,  by George Balanchine, Adam Luders with Maria Calegari
  5. Lebeslieder Waltzer, by George Balanchine, Patricia McBride and Bart Cook
  6. Square Dance, by George Balanchine, Bart Cook
  7. Mozartiana, The Ave Verum Prayer, by George Balanchine, Maria Calegari
  8. Agon, by George Balanchine, Allegra Kent and Bart Cook
  9. The Four Temperaments, by George Balanchine, Melancholic, Bart Cook
  10. Maria Calegari as "Titania" in George Balanchine's A Midsummers Nights Dream
  11. Stravinsky's Violin Concerto, by George Balanchine, Karin Von Aroldingen and Bart  Cook
  12. Concertino,  by Jerome Robbins, Maria Calegari
  13. Square Dance, "Solo Sarabande" by George Balanchine, Bart Cook
  14. Maria Calegari and Bart Cook  (photo by Eric Gross)

* All ballet photos courtesy of Steve Caras all rights reserved