Fostering cultural enrichment and wellness in its deepest holistic sense within the individual and the community

Why Apollo?
The young Apollo was trained in the arts and sciences of the nine muses to ignite his own creativity. He developed into the epitome of Beauty and the leader of the muses and the director of their choir.
Beauty has a resounding effect upon our environment. Creativity provides solutions we have yet to imagine.
There is a young Apollo in each of us.

         Board of Directors;


      Maria Calegari,
      Bart Cook,
      Marika Molnar,
      Amy Gagnon,
      William Attride

Promoting interest in the arts and culture

Our Mission


The Apollo Arts Initiative Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) established on July 29, 2010 for the charitable and educational purposes of fostering creativity and wellness through the arts and culture in it's deepest holistic sense, promoting community awareness in the arts and serving the community and the individual. 

It's principal artistic activities are;

  • to support,encourage and promote like minded artists and arts groups
  • dance education, masterclasses, workshops
  • holistic art retreats/meditation/visualization


The Apollo Arts Initiative Foundation seeks to promote a sense of interconnectedness within the artistic communities that it serves and will enable founders Maria Calegari and Bart Cook to pass on their rich and deep legacy of over 40 years in the arts. Through education, performances, retreats and discussion, AAIF will explore the opportunity the arts can bring to the individual and the community in it's deepest holistic sense.


 Donations to the Apollo Arts Initiative have come through the private sector and from the Jerome Robbins Foundation and

the Janis and Alan Menken Foundation.
We are very grateful for all contributions.